Sun, sea, restaurants, bars, tapas, culture and history

The city of Malaga has so much to offer. The sea and beaches, the sight of the beautiful ’Axarquia’ hills, countless terraces, shops, restaurants and tapas bars, the sun that shines nearly all the time and the relaxed atmosphere.
For a long time, Málaga functioned mainly as an arrival and departure point for the countless visitors to beautiful Andalusia, but now things are changing. Slowly but surely the city is being discovered, and rightly so. Take a few days to explore the city; you won’t regret it. Malaga has a lot to offer and the city has the great advantage that most of the sites are located right in the historic center of the city.

Beaches of Málaga

There is much to enjoy on Malaga’s sixteen beaches. They extend to a total length of about fifteen kilometers and are divided by the harbor into East and West. The Eastside is popular with most tourists because it is within walking distance of the city center.

The city’s beaches are well maintained, clean, fairly wide, and nearly all of them are awarded the blue flag. This is an international environmental award, given annually to beaches that are safe and clean. Some beaches are wider than others, and the sand ranges in color from light to dark brown. What makes the beaches a real treat is a casual atmosphere and the presence of the many ‘chiringuitos’, where you can sit down for a drink, some tapas, a serving of Malaga’s famous grilled sardines or a simple meal.

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Shopping in Málaga

Calle Larios
Begin by strolling down Malaga’s finest shopping street, Calle Larios, which will lead you on to other lovely shopping streets, where you can enjoy yourself for hours.

Muelle Uno (harbor)
Shopping in style with a view of the sea and the old Moorish fortress.

El Corte Inglés
You could buy an expensive watch just as easily as a piece of cheese in this vast and luxurious department store located within walking distance of the historic center. You could easily be tempted to spend hours walking around here.

Centro Comercial Larios and shopping center Vialia
These centrally located indoor shopping centers (near the train station) are a must for fashion lovers. Over 150 shops,  restaurants, bars, and the large Eroski supermarket.